Allopathic treatment of Rabies infection

Rabies treatment:

Rabies is caused by the attack of mad dogs, foxes, wolves, cats, monkeys and bloodsucking bats. Is Rabies treatment can also be transmitted by the bite of an infected person.

Germs: Rabies Virus (rabies virus).

Incubation period: 3 months – 6 months.


Sudden pain in the wound, numbness in the legs, etc.


1. Little by little, restlessness, insomnia, difficulty in swallowing, etc. are seen.

Within 2 days the condition worsened.

3. The fever rises, panic begins in the water.

4 If you see water, if you try to drink water, you will feel great regret.

5. Later, the whole body feels remorse, death is certain.

Some things to know:

1. This disease does not occur only when bitten by a dog, but the probability of occurrence is 14%.

2. This disease can also be caused by a rabid dog licking a cut or other wound.

Rabies treatment:

1. Antidote –

Anti-rabies vaccine should be given if any of the following conditions occur after being bitten by any of the above-mentioned animals and before symptoms appear.

(a) By the bite of a rabid animal or man.

(b) If the animal goes out of sight during the bite.

(c) If the animal dies within 10 days of the bite.

(g) If the bite is numerous and on the face or neck.

Then you have to give – Inj.Rabipur (Rabipur injection) or Verorab (Verarab injection) on the 1st day, 3rd day, 7th day, 14th, 30th and 90th day, they have to be given to the deltoid muscle.

Those who handle animals can take three doses of the vaccine first on the 1st day, 7th day and 28th day and after 2 years 1 ml can be taken in the deltoid muscle. There is no possibility of disease attack in all these treatments.

2. If the disease attacks, the treatment will be as follows –

1. Si Inj. Dextrose 10% – I.Y. That is, it should be given intravenously.

2. Inj. Anti Rabies serum 1000 units should be given intramuscularly and that serum – ml should be given under the skin on the wound.

3. Inj. Calmpose should be given every 6 hours.

4. Inj. Gardenal (Injection Gardenal) 1 ml should be given every 6 hours. It should be given along with the 3rd injection.

5. Inj. Tetanus Toxoid (Injection Tetanus Toxoid) 0.5 ml 1 time.

6. The wound should be thoroughly washed with Cetavlon lotion. Rinse with clean water for 5 minutes. Then Piodin or Wokadine lotion should be applied. The use of cotton or gauze bandages is prohibited.

Allopathic treatment of Rabies infection

7. Cap Roscillin – 250 mg (Cap Roscillin – 250 mg) 1 time 4 times a day for 7 days. Or Cap Aristocillin 250 mg 1 time 4 times a day for 7 days.

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