Causes of cancer, symptoms and homeipathic treatment

Causes of cancer, symptoms and homeipathic treatment


Cancer Hemiopathic treatment:

For example, in the modern medical system, it is not certain that the person has been freed from cancer rag for any medical procedure in such a place, or in which manner he treats, he will be free. Hemiopathy can be said like that. Some hemiopathic doctors are believed to have many types of pesticide medicines in science, which we have invented all these antibiotics by knowing the name of antibiotics. Through these medicines, we have made it easy to treat the rag by destroying various types of rag germs. Nevertheless, there is no part about cancer rag.

Medicine of cancer:

According to hemiopathic physicians, cancer can also be produced from any part of the body. There is no rag medicine, or not in hemiopathy. The medicine is accepted as rag. A medicine is called a rag, in the hemiopathic decision, it is clear that ‘poisonous is poisonous. That is, poison is the poison.

The modern medical system does not accept it. But Ayurveda and Jegism acknowledge that the birth of the rag in the human body is mostly caused by mental causes with physical causes. Hemiopathy is also the same. Acknowledges In the eyes of the hemiopathy, most of the rags are for mental reasons.


According to hemiopathic opinion, consuming cancer or any deep wound, such as physical causes, causes work – work, business, trade, etc. Such mental thoughts also produce cancer. Some again become victims of this rag.

Some of the hemiopathic doctors again say that it is not possible to be free by the medicine of the person who has deepened the casser rag; If the treatment can be taken at the beginning of the rag, then there is a possibility of rag aragya.

On the contrary, many hemiopathic doctors say that if the cancer rag is in any way. then that method is the only hemiopathic method. Cancer can occur in the only hemiopathic method. The reason for this is that hemiopathic cancer is not only for cancer, but also search for its root cause and treats it. Therefore, it is natural that after the root of the root, the Rag will be destroyed by itself.

Details of cancer have been said that this rag can attack any part of the body. In the beginning, this rag can occur in an acne, tumor or any other form.

In the beginning, it is shaken, it does not cause any pain; Therefore, if such something is ever seen in any place in the body, and the medicine, then it should be taken soon. Otherwise these tumors, etc., may be ripe; When baked, the blood from the inside is bleeding. Worship can also be performed; Again, the odor goes on.

If it is not fixed in any way, then it is important to know that it is cancer; In this situation its baypsi should be taken quickly.

In hemiopathy usually:

For this, the provision of the medicine is given, yet it has to rely on the condition of this rag and ragi; What kind of rag is to be seen. That is why you need to seek the help of a doctor.

Ars Aidide 3x-

Nose cancer, bleeding by injury by a boil or any other sharp object. This medicine is extremely effective for disrupting cancer by spreading it. When discharge with the nose, the discharge touches the lips; It also has the potential to cause cancer. That is why this medicine is extremely effective; Those who sweat extremely, are extremely weak, are not properly digested, there is a rustic in the digestive tract; There is a little closet, in this case if the possibility of cancer; If you give this medicine, you can get too much fruit.

Arsenic 30 or 200- If you feel extremely irritated in the ragakas, this medicine is very useful.  Ragi gets comfortable when giving hot bake in stomach cancer. Ignorance, irritation.

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