CM Mamata on Visva Bharati : ‘Visva Bharati must be saved’, Chief Minister’s message; Mamata directs Shatabdi to appear in Parliament

CM Mamata on Visva Bharati :

Incidentally, this reputed educational institution of Bengal has been heated up for the last four years. Students have moved to demand the resignation of Vice-Chancellor Bidyut Chakraborty.

Bolpur : CM Mamata held a meeting with the students of Visva Bharati University on Tuesday. He listened to the complaints of the students in the meeting. He tried to understand the current situation of Visva Bharati from the mouth of the students. After the meeting, Mamata also faced the journalists. There is his clear message, ‘It is everyone’s responsibility to save Visva Bharati’. Various complaints have already come to his ears, he also said that he will look into everything. Vishwa Bharati vice-chancellor Vidyut Chakraborty also mocked without naming names.

Incidentally, for the past four years, this reputed educational institution of Bengal has been heating up. Students have moved to demand the resignation of Vice-Chancellor Bidyut Chakraborty. Protests are also going on in front of his house. Many students have been suspended. In this context, Mamata’s meeting at Visva Bharati is considered to be particularly significant. On this day, a group of 13 students met with Mamata. Report their problems to the state administrative chief. According to the sources, Mamata has assured that all the students who have already lost a few years due to various reasons including suspension, will make arrangements to study in the state government run university keeping in mind their future. At the same time, the problem of Visva Bharati is going to arise in the Parliament. Birbhum MP Shatabdi Roy was given this responsibility by Mamata herself. Shatabdi said this while facing the media.

After the meeting, Mamata said, “Rabindranath Tagore’s thinking says that real education takes place in the free environment of nature. Everything is not known just by reading books. Practical experience and Mother Nature created a school called Santiniketan. We want students to study here. But, the way they are being deprived is worrying. Ph.D. is not allowed. Canceled even after doing Ph.D. Seven students met me today. All of them have been suspended. There are various forms of oppression, but I don’t see any discussion about them. I think it is our duty to save Visva Bharati regardless of public opinion.” After that, Mamata fired at the Vice-Chancellor of Visva Bharati without naming her. Said, “If anyone thinks to polarize the students, professors or staff by force of power, bulldoze him to commit violence, even if there is not a single person with them, know that I am with them.”

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