Europe will bring electricity wirelessly from space!

Europe has taken a step forward in space research to solve the electricity crisis. Europe wants to bring electricity from space without wires! The European Space Agency (ESA) is going to start research on whether solar power produced by using sunlight in space can be brought to earth without wires.

A three-year study may be approved this week. The research will explore whether large-scale solar farms can be built in space. Its ultimate goal is to see if large satellites in orbit can generate electricity like a power station.

The European Space Agency’s board of directors discussed the matter at its headquarters in Paris on Tuesday. As various organizations and space agencies looked into the matter, the alleged Solaris initiative was going to be the basis for the actual plan.

ESA Director General Joseph Aschbacher told the BBC, “He believes solar energy from space could play a huge role in future energy shortages.” He said, ‘We need to transition to a low carbon economy. The way of energy production should also be changed. In particular, fossil fuels should be reduced from energy production.’

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