Gallbladder stone – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Gallbladder stone treatment:

Gallstones Cause: Accumulation of bile in the Gall Bladder or Bile Duct due to Aharadi Dosha or liver dysfunction.

These accumulate and eventually turn into stone particles — called gall stones.

Starting from sand molecules (Gravel) to small and large like pigeon eggs; One or more stones of round, white, black, brown or green color accumulate in the patient’s gallbladder; And it gets stuck in the bile ducts and causes inflammation. Increase in cholesterol in the blood helps to cause this disease.

Currently, about 10-12 percent of people are affected by this disease; Among them, the number of women is more than men. Abdominal pain or excessive pain is the main symptom of this disease.

Again, despite having gallstones for life, many people do not feel any discomfort; As long as the stone remains in the gallbladder, the patient does not experience any problems; Sometimes there may be abdominal pain on the right side. But stone; When the bile duct is blocked, there is excruciating pain. The name of this intense pain is BiliaryColic.


Pain begins with stones entering the bile duct; This colic pain starts from the right armpit and spreads all around. This pain is more widespread, especially up to the shoulder and back; Along with this, other symptoms appear.

When the pain of gallstones starts, vomiting, vomiting, cold sweat, weak pulse, collapse, jaundice, difficulty in breathing, fainting etc. are seen.

The pain subsides after a few hours or days. Its cause is gallstones; That is, the pain decreases when it passes through the Bile Duct and comes to Viovinam. Then stool. Stones can be found after washing. From that it can be understood that the stone has come out. If it doesn’t come out, the pain will continue; Usually the operation is then. is needed. At present, some other medical methods are used to remove these stones, but they are expensive.


1. Looking at the symptoms.

2. X-ray – O.C.G Seris to detect the disease.

3. Ultrasonography can confirm the diagnosis.

Gallbladder stone treatment:

1. Generally, there is no medical Gallbladder stone treatment for this disease. If the initial attack is very painful then give the following injection or medicine –

  • TabN PAM (TabN – PAM) 3 times in 1 tikredin.
  • TabCyclopam 1 tick 3 times a day.
  • TabColimex 1 tick 3 times a day.
  • Cap Spasmoproxyvon (Cap Spasmoproxyvon) 1 according to need.
  • Cap Parvon Spas (Cap Parvon Spas) 1 according to the need.

If the pain is very severe –

  • Inj. (Injection Cyclopam) 2 ml 2 times a day should be given intramuscularly.
  •  Inj. Fortwin (Inject Fort Win) 1 ml 2-3 times a day should be given to the muscle.

2. Cholecystectomy (cholecystectomy) means removing the gallbladder through surgery is the best treatment. At present, lithotripsy is used to remove stones, but it is very expensive.

3. If the gall bladder is filled with transparent (Non Opaque) stones then the stones will melt after taking the following medicine for 1-2 years. TabUDCA 1 tablet 3-4 times a day after meals.

* It is necessary to see how much success is being done by O.C.G i.e. Oral Cholecystogram every 6 months. Up to 70 percent success comes in this method.

4. In addition, laparoscopic operation (endoscopic method) can be done, the pain of the patient is very less and the patient recovers quickly. However, there are some difficulties.

Gallbladder stone - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Gallbladder stone Adjunctive treatment:

1. overeating, overeating, overeating, oversleeping; Avoid night wakings, strong drugs or drinks; In a word, you have to be moderate in everything.

2. Moderate nutritious and light food should always be eaten; Eating raw papaya curry is good; It is good to eat bitter fruits like Kalmegh, Palta, Uchche, Karla etc.

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