How to take care for your teeth in Ayurvedic ways

How to take care for your teeth in Ayurvedic ways



A woman’s beauty depends on beautiful teeth. Calcium, phosphorus, chlorine, vitamin D should be consumed to keep the teeth healthy and strong. Vitamin C is essential for the brightness and health of teeth. Brush your teeth every day after waking up and before going to bed at night take care of teeth . Do not allow excess sugary foods and any food particles to accumulate between the teeth. Wash your face after eating. Rinse your mouth with water and wash away all the dirt from your teeth and gums. Do not eat hot food after hot food or eat cold food right away as this will damage the tooth enamel. Chew fruits and vegetables as much as possible. Like stalks, sugarcane etc.

Method of brushing teeth::

  •  After wetting the toothpaste and brush, apply the paste to both teeth and brush the upper tooth from top to bottom and the bottom tooth from bottom to bottom. Brush all the teeth on both sides and clean the dirt with gentle pressure.

Do not hurt the gums. Brushing too hard will cause lesions between the teeth. After brushing the teeth, gently pull the tongue and clean the tongue and clean the inside of the mouth. Change the brush after a month. Wash the toothbrush thoroughly and store it carefully so that the dust does not get dirty.

It is better to use a soft toothbrush for girls. Nowadays, there are various types of convenient toothbrushes available for brushing teeth.

  • It is better to use powdered toothpaste for teeth. But you have to see that the powder is fine. Tooth enamel can be eroded by rough mouthing.
  •  Wash and soak neem stalks, chew well on one side and brush is very beneficial for teeth.
Black spots on teeth:

Brushing your teeth once a month with small amounts of food will remove black spots. Rubbing lemon little by little makes the teeth bright.

Mouth wash:

Even if the teeth look shiny, many people have bad breath and mouth, buy mouth wash from a good company and gargle with 1 spoon of lotion in a glass of water.
Lack of vitamins in the body causes bad breath. Take vitamins with doctor’s advice.
Stomach upset causes bad breath. Take medicine for stomach with doctor’s plurmarsh.
Boil mint leaves in water and wash your face with that water and keep cloves on your face. These are home remedies.

Toothache take care of teeth:

Medicines for toothache should be taken as per doctor’s advice. Some home remedies can provide temporary relief from the pain. For example –

  1. Boil young guava leaves in water and wash your face with that water.
  2. Chew cloves.
  3. Boiling tea leaves and rubbing in that water reduces toothache.

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